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Leroy Stringer Jr., A.K.A. “Miami’s Peoples Poet”, is a Miami Born Native whose poetry seems to reach not just some, but all of the people who are privy to hear his work. His sharp and witty writing style has been widely recognized and subsequently many of his works have been incorporated in the writing courses of Florida Memorial University.

During the year of 1997, he began writing seriously after seeing the effect that Poetry had on a troubled youth in a Juvenile Justice program for which he was working at the time. He has been writing and performing ever since. But that, for him, was not enough.   Along with the accompaniment of original musical sound tracks and creative skits, Leroy captivates his listeners, with what he deems “NEO POETRY”. While juggling the responsibilities of being a dedicated husband and father, Leroy performs & captivates his poetic audience in venues throughout South Florida, the U.S. and abroad.

In 2004 Leroy released his freshman C.D., entitled “Lyrical Suicide” under the independent record label W.E.L.D.U.N. Entertainment. It features spoken word merged with Hip-Hop, Jazz, & Smooth R & B along with creative skits.

 In 2005 Leroy teamed up with other artists such as Malcom-Jamal Warner, Ainsley Burrows, 13 of Nazareth, Charneice Fox, & others to create a compilation CD entitled “Fusion-A blend of Poetry and Music” which was released on Malaco Records (www.malaco.com) and features his hit single “Watching My Life Go Down”.

His latest project entitled “Poetically in Love” was released in December of 2011. Together with Miami’s Platinum producer, Tony Galvin (AVX Music Group), Juan “Gold” Areco (Fort Knocks Entertainment), and Frank Andrus (Str8t Up Records), Leroy has put together an “Extraordinary” Love story. This CD steps outside the norm and brings the listener into a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and crazy turn arounds associated with love. It gives insight through heartfelt lyrics while delighting the listener with smooth groves. Definitely not the ordinary!

     With that said, Welcome to the Lyrical Ride where all traffic  lights are green.

     Buckle up and cruise through the other pages.

Hope you enjoy the ride.


Poetically In Love CD will be released this summer 2009
"Poetically in Love"   CD

Featuring the hit singles

"Out of the Blue"




"Fusion-A blend of poetry and music"
Compilation C.D. Released

July 2005

"Fusion", which is a compilation C.D. blending music and poetry and features 18 of the Hottest Spoken Word Artist in the nation which includes Leroy Stringer Jr., Charneice Fox, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, 13 of Nazareth, Ainsley Burrows, Poettis, and many more.

Listen & purchase @ www.malaco.com